Sunday, October 26, 2008

types of college scholarships

1. Private
These are scholarship grants given by private sectors of the society. It can be an individual who wants to share his/her resources would sponsor a scholar's college education. It can also be an organization that has a project of sending people to college. Or companies who's excess earnings go to educational assistance of the less privileged.

2. Government
These are scholarship grants that are taken from the government's budget for education.

Under each of the types of college scholarships, there are different kinds of scholarship grants. Some are qualified depending on the skills or intelligence of a person; others are qualified depending on the financial needs. Most government scholarships require certain number of years of service that's equivalent to the number of years the scholarship grant was in force.

Whatever reason one may have in searching for a scholarship, there's always a type of scholarship that's waiting to be granted. What you need is to be sure that finishing up college is what you really want and that you will pursue it whatever it takes. Even going through a process of searching for the best scholarship grant for you.

Up next, tips on how to go through your scholarship search.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 things you need and more

1. determination - determination to succeed

2. discipline - discipline to be able to go through a lot. remember, it's giving you a free education, you've got to go through a lot! discipline will make you go on even during rough times.

3. positive attitude - whatever happens, you're up for the challenge. you are positive that you will succeed, that's why.

4. information - you ought to know the course/field that you want to take up and the university where you want to pursue it

5. skills - you need to have the skills in order for you to meet the requirements of a good scholarship grant. By maintaining the grades/or delivering the requirements, you are able to maintain the scholarship and finish college with it's help

Actually, there's a lot more that you need. But what's important now is for us to start looking for a scholarship grant. The search is on. Happy viewing the next articles!

definition of terms

scholar - the person who is given the scholarship grant.

scholarship grant - this defines the amount of assistance a scholar will get out of the scholarship package that he/she received. this includes tuition fees, book allowances, boarding and meal allowances, etc.

scholarship terms and conditions - this is the set of rules which the scholar should follow. this includes a target grade, number of units that a scholar should be enrolled per term in college, good moral character requirements, etc.

Friday, October 24, 2008

get a scholarship to finish college!

Our family was faced with a total financial crisis just before I got to college. When I said total, I meant that we literally started from scratch. Good for me, I was able to get a scholarship before graduating from high school. I was able to finish a college course with the assistance of the scholarship.

One reason why there are a lot of people who are not able to go to college is finances. Some parents are just not capable of sending their children to college just by relying on their income.

Nowadays, there are a lot of college scholarships being offered. It is important for those who are about to enter college to search for opportunities to get financial assistance. Financial problem is not always a problem. There's got to be a way that college-to-be's should realize in order to finish college.

To read more about opportunities of getting a scholarship, tune in to this site.